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About Us - What is CHIBA RYOGO CENTER?
Motoring in Japan has developed rapidly over the past forty years and, sadly, the number of traffic victims - including some with severe brain damage - has increased rapidly too. The psychological, physical and economic burdens placed upon the families of such severely disabled people are extremely serious, and the regular medical care system in Japan at this time, though excellent, is insufficient for severely brain-damaged patients in the chronic stage, who need long term rehabilitation. Chiba Ryogo Center (CRC) was established in 1984 to offer help to such severely disabled persons and to their families. It belongs to a division of National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victim's Aid (NASVA), which is under the supervision of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism.
Chiba Ryogo Center is a specialized hospital for the treatment and care of brain-injured patients in a vegetative state or a minimally conscious state, caused by road traffic accidents. In Japanese, “Ryo” means medical care, and “Go” means nursing care. We provide a longstanding rehabilitation program that integrates both medical care and nursing care. Every patient admitted to CRC is evaluated by meticulous bedside neurological examination and repeated observation, along with examinations using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. A personalized therapeutic strategy based on these findings is prepared for each patient to optimize his or her ability. The basic concept of the therapy is to provide an environment rich in natural stimuli, such as talking to the patient, helping him or her feel the change of the seasons, and working to induce a reaction from the patient. A primary nursing system and adequate medical support are provided, equipped to minimize complications such as pneumonia or decubital ulcer. All our staff members are dedicated to the improvement of our patients and support them with the maximum effort.
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